Dogeparty is a meta-layer on top of the Dogecoin (DOGE) network for new coins that foster creativity and promote social good.

Why Dogeparty?

Bitcoin-based Counterparty is a fantastic system for serious crypto-finance, but for smaller value transactions, when it comes to placing orders, creating assets, setting up vending machines, sending many tokens in a single transaction, and generally taking care of business DOGE brings some great advantages to the party.


10x Faster

Transactions confirmation times on Dogeparty are typically 10x faster than traditional Bitcoin transactions, at 1-10 minutes. This opens the door to whole new applications impossible with slower network speeds.


With Dogeparty you can take part in an community-driven global marketplace of good, where anything and everything is traded with no exchange fees. If this is a message that resonates with you, we’d love your support.

Dogeparty Features


Issue Assets / Tokens

Issue named assets (ex. PIZZA), as well as numeric assets (ex A1234…). Once you have secured your asset name, you can then issue tokens which can then be used in your project and distributed to users for them to buy, sell, and trade.




In addition to issuing named assets, you can issue child assets called subassets. For instance, if you owned the PIZZA asset, you could issue PIZZA.Coupon, PIZZA.Dominos, PIZZA.Hut or any other PIZZA subasset up to 250 characters.


Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

One of the most powerful tools on the platform is the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) which allows users to buy, sell, and trade assets in a fully decentralized and trustless/risk free way with no need to rely on a 3rd party to escrow funds.


Dispensers / Vending Machines

Setup vending machines to sell your token for a fixed amount of DOGE. When a buyer sends a valid payment to the dispenser, they are automatically credited back with the token that the dispenser is selling. The dispenser operates until it is closed by the seller or runs out of tokens.


Sends & Multi-Sends (MPMA)

Wether you want to send a single token to a user, or send a bunch of tokens to many users at the same time, the platform allows both actions. *Multi-Peer-Multi-Asset Sends (MPMA) allow for sending many tokens to many users in a single transaction, saving you $$$.



Pay dividends to holders of your token proportional to the percentage of the token the holder has. Dividends can be paid out in DOGE, XDP, or any other Dogeparty asset, and are a great way to distribute profits to your token holders or reward them with additional tokens.



Broadcast any message to the Dogecoin blockchain to forever be inscribed into the annuls of history. Want to let the world know about your new project, direct people to your website, or just write some “Kilroy was here” graffiti on the blockchain? Do it with a broadcast.


Oracle System

Utilizing the broadcast functionality built into the platform, anyone can setup and operate an oracle to broadcast truth to the blockchain. Feeds can be setup to broadcast all kinds of real-world truth including, FIAT coin prices, sporting event results, even random number generation.


Betting System

A completely decentralized and trustless betting system has been built into the platform which uses the oracle system to determine the results of an event.  Users are able to place bets on events, XDP funds are escrowed by the protocol, and automatically distributed to the winners.



Users can move all of their token balances and transfer asset ownerships from one address to another address  in a single transaction instead of each token and transfer requiring a separate transaction, which minimizes the amount of DOGE needed to move things around.



Sometimes users will want to destroy some of their tokens in a provably secure way, either because they have issued too many, or because they need a way to reduce the available supply. With destroys users are able to destroy tokens and have the available supply reduced.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is XDP?

XDP is fuel for the Dogeparty rocket. With XDP you can issue your own custom tokens for e-tickets, reward points, game currencies & so on.

How can I get XDP?

  • Purchase XDP from dispensers / vending machines from existing holders
  • Purchase XDP with Dogecoin (DOGE) using the Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
  • Purchase XDP from a traditional/centralized exchange

What is the Bern?

The bern was the process by which we resurrected the Dogeparty platform and generated additional XDP and collected funds to support the project going forward. The bern involved sending DOGE to the Community Fund address through a Dogeparty compatible wallet.

For every 10 DOGE berned, users received 1 XDP. To reward earlier berners, the first blocks awarded a bonus of 50%, giving back 1.5 XDP for every 10 DOGE. This was a bonus that got a little bit lower with each block that passes, by the end of the bern the rate was exactly 10:1 XDP. 

What is the Community Fund?

The community fund is an address which holds all of the DOGE funds that were berned during the bern period and is controlled by the Dogeparty Foundation. The community fund is used to benefit the Dogeparty community and support continued development of the platform for many years into the future.

What is the Dogeparty Foundation?

The Dogeparty Foundation consists of 3 founding members and 5 community members who have been elected through a decentralized vote using XDP.

How does the foundation election work?

  • Nomination Period* – Anyone can be nominated to serve on the foundation
  • Q&A / AMA Period* – Community can ask questions of each of the nominees
  • Voting Period* – Community will vote for their favorite nominees using XDP
  • Foundation Elected – Top 5 nominees with the highest votes are elected
*Nomination period, Q&A / AMA period, and Voting period will each last 2 weeks

Get Started

1. Get yourself a Dogeparty compatible wallet from our wallets page.

2. Send DOGE from your existing wallet to one of the addresses in your dogeparty compatible wallet.

3. The wallet shows your newly sent balance in DOGE.

4. Congratulations – you’ve made it!

5. You can now start using your DOGE to buy XDP from a dispenser, register asset names, place orders to buy tokens using the Decentralized Exchange (DEX), and more.

Recent News

Dogeparty Foundation Meeting – 01/31/2024

Dogeparty Foundation Meeting – 01/31/2024

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Dogeparty Foundation Meeting – 01/05/2023

Dogeparty Foundation Meeting – 01/05/2023

The newly-elected Dogeparty Foundation kicked off 2023 with their first meeting on Thursday January 5th. A number of topics were discussed during the hour-long call, all pertaining to how to best grow Dogeparty while ensuring its longevity as a platform. Principal...

Dogeparty Foundation Meeting – 11/30/2022

Dogeparty Foundation Meeting – 11/30/2022

On Wednesday November 30th 2022, six of the eight Dogeparty Foundation directors joined the final monthly scheduled call for the calendar year to present updates on several initiatives and to discuss new business. Jdog and Javier (our tireless developers) are working...

Dogeparty + Dogecoin Foundation

Dogeparty + Dogecoin Foundation

On Wednesday July 28th, the Dogeparty founders Ryan Baptiste (Xcer), Jeremy Johnson (Jdog), and Javier Varona, along with community director Ernest Sonyi, joined a video call with select members of the Dogecoin Foundation, led by Timothy Stebbing (Dogecoin Foundation...

Dogeparty Foundation Meeting – 06/29/2022

Dogeparty Foundation Meeting – 06/29/2022

On Wednesday June 29th, five of the eight Dogeparty Foundation directors joined their monthly scheduled call to present updates on several initiatives and to discuss new business. The directors began the meeting by providing updates on a number of ongoing projects: ...

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