Dogeparty Wallets

Below is a list of wallets which are compatible with the Dogeparty platform.

Official Dogeparty Wallets

Dogewallet – This is a Dogeparty wallet which is browser based and works for both mobile and Desktop and supports most of Dogeparty’s features.

Dogewallet Desktop – This is a Dogeparty wallet which runs on Desktop computers including on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux and supports all of Dogeparty’s features.

If you have a Dogeparty compatible wallet that you would like added to this list of wallets, please send us an email with the following information:

  • Wallet Name
  • Wallet website
  • Wallet logo
  • A brief text description of your wallet and it’s features

Once we receive your information we will begin the wallet review process and will get back to you with any additional questions or concerns that we have about your wallet submission.