Dogeparty Projects

Below is a list of some of the projects in the Dogeparty community

The Dogeparty community is constantly growing, both in terms of our supporters and the number of projects being built on top of our technology. Below is a list of the most adopted and used projects in the Dogeparty community, not including wallets and block explorers. If you’d like your project to be included in the list below, please contact us here.

Dogeparty does not make investment recommendations and the projects being listed on this page is not intended to act as a recommendation or endorsement of the project.

Rare Doge Directory

The Rare Doge Directory is a directory of Doge cards / NFTs which have been inspected by the Rare Doge Scientists for rareness and dankness. Only the best of the best Rare Doges get included in the Rare Doge Directory.

Rare Reject Directory

The Rare Reject Directory is a directory of the Doge cards which were submitted for inclusion in the Rare Doge Directory but which were judged as not rare or dank enough for the Rare Doge Directory. All Doges / Cards / NFTs that are submitted for inspection by the Rare Doge Scientists make it into either the Rare Doge Directory or the Rare Reject Directory.

Secret Doge KVLT

The Secret Doge KVLT is a digital cult where members of the cult (holders of the KVLT card) are automatically airdropped new NFT submissions to the Secret Doge KVLT directory. Cards in this project are limited to 100-125 card maximum supply and every member of the cult is sent a card before it is submitted for inclusion in the directory. 


DogePunks is a digital mashup of Doges and the CryptoPunks project to produce DogePunks. Each DogePunk is a 1/1 NFT living on the Dogecoin Blockchain via Dogeparty. One DogePunk is born each day. There will be a maxium of three DogePunks for sale at the same time and new DogePunks won’t be born until one of their brothers found a new home.

The Great NPCSET

The Great NPCSET is a an NFT project comprised collectable NFTs of NPCs (Non-Player Characters).

Alien DogeRats

One million years ago, Adam, the first Alien DogeRat, was gifted with a Dogecoin crystal. This crystal enlightened him with the wisdom of cryptocurrency in Dogecoin Blockchain. He made a mission to spread this wisdom across the Andromeda Galaxy, awakening more Alien DogeRats to join the movement. There are only two types of Alien DogeRat: the “commoners” or Common Alien DogeRats which are 5/5 NFT, while the highly “celestials” or Celestial Alien DogeRats which are 2/2 NFT. Both live on the Dogecoin Blockchain via Dogeparty. Pure love and intention brought each Alien DogeRat to life.

Doge Pixels

A collection of Pixelated Doges on $DOGE, half of them will be created by the Dogeparty community. 


Dixel is a collection of 1000 uniquely generated Doge Party Pixels under DogeCoin Blockchain. Hugely inspired by the great collection we all know the CryptoPunks.

TrippyTokens Logo


TrippyTokens is a community-driven directory of psychedelic and trippy art which will provide a feast for the eyes for any who browse its pages. The artwork here will feature intense displays of color, patterns, imagery, and in some cases motion! The most mind-bending, reality-twisting, surreal art will always have a home in the TrippyTokens directory.

Dank Doge Directory Logo

Dank Doge Club

Dank Doge Club is an NFT Club for the Dankest of Doge. We host themed Doge NFTs Series for creators in the DogeParty community. We also host community giveaways, and Dank Doge Club exclusive NFT airpdrops. 

If you have a project that utilizes the Dogeparty platform in some way that you would like added to this list of projects, please send us an email with the following information:

  • Project Name
  • Project website
  • Project logo
  • A brief text description of your project, it’s features, and how it uses the Dogeparty platform.

Once we receive your information we will begin the project review process and will get back to you with any additional questions or concerns that we have about your project submission.